She has a past. . .He doesn't care.

Miss Nellie in the Prisoners of Love series is the former brothel owner who at the request of her long-time friend, Marshal Jones, chaperoned four young ladies on a wagon train trip from Dodge City to Santa Fe to be mail order brides. She's done her job, the girls are all happily married and she heads two very respectable businesses. However, she can't help but wonder if it is her turn now? Would anyone want a soiled dove?

Then the newly retired Marshal of Dodge City arrives in Santa Fe.

Marshal Dane Jones has had his eye on Miss Nellie for years. Deciding the time has arrived to turn in his badge and follow the woman he's always wanted, he heads for Santa Fe.

Upon his arrival, Miss Nellie seems happy to see him, but can he convince her that he doesn't care what she was before; what matters to him is what he wants her to be now.