Miss Miranda Beamer, the only child of a preacher, sits in jail in Dodge City with three other female prisoners. They are in for various crimes, but Miranda is by far the most serious. She just killed her step-father. Marshal Dale Jones needs to get rid of the women who are not safe in Dodge City, even in jail. He comes up with a plan to ship them to Santa Fe on a wagon train, with a former brothel owner as their chaperone with the idea of being mail order brides. Miranda, however, has a plan of her own. She knows her stepbrother will be coming after her when he learns she killed his father. She will travel to Santa Fe, but instead of marrying, she'll get a job, save some money, and disappear.

Preston Stone, an up-and-coming businessman in Santa Fe, will not be granted the permit to build his hotel and restaurant unless he is married to a respectable woman. He is the child of a prostitute and the owner of a gambling house and saloon. Not respectable enough on his own to get the nod from the Town Council. When Miranda comes to his saloon looking for a job, Preston knows she is the one to help him. He offers her a job as his bookkeeper, but with the condition that she marry him first. No amount of persuasion on her part will change Preston's mind. It’s the job and marriage, or nothing at all.

She agrees and begins to save money to bail out as soon as she has enough. But she didn't count on the feelings this near perfect husband brings out in her. Certain that her step-brother is headed this way, should she run, or take the chance on being killed when he catches up with her?