Book Cover: Becky

Becky Davidson has been on her own since she was thirteen years old. The last three years she has been travelling the country with Dr. Snodgrass who sells elixir for all sorts of medical problems. They are generally run out of town by the third or fourth day. Their last stop was Dodge City, and this time Dr. Snodgrass took all the money and ran. But left Becky behind.

In jail for running a scam, Becky agrees to travel on the wagon train to Santa Fe. When she reaches her destination, she is immediately befriended by the local sheriff, Nash Barton. They strike up a friendship while Becky dodges every man Miss Nellie presents to her as a potential husband.

Sheriff Barton is the man she wants, but he feels they would scandalize the town should they marry. He is a black man, and she a white woman. Can love overcome the problems Sheriff Barton sees for them, or should he be sensible and let the woman he loves marry another man?