The Elusive Wife

*USA Today Best Selling Book*

Jason, Earl of Coventry, needs to discreetly locate his unwanted and abandoned bride among London society to request an annulment. Too bad he can't remember what she looks like because he was blind drunk at his arranged wedding and hasn't see her since.

Newly arrived from the country for the Season, Lady Olivia is appalled to discover that her own husband, Lord Coventry, doesn't even recognize her. She's not about to tell the arrogant arse she his wife. Instead, she flirts with him by night and has her modiste send her mounting bills to him by day.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, except Lady Olivia finds her husband nearly irresistible.


The new Lady Coventry watched in shock as her husband literally stumbled from the room, knocking into furniture as he left. She blinked rapidly to clear her eyes of tears. A surge of anger swept through her, erasing any remnant of self-pity. She didn’t deserve this.

Apparently Lord Arrogant wasn’t happy about being married to a stranger. Well, he was a stranger to her as well and he certainly hadn’t done anything to gain her favor.

“My lady, you need to sign the marriage book as well.” The small, beady-eyed solicitor waved toward the book Jason had just shoved at him.

Olivia picked up the pen and added her signature.

“Excuse me, Lady Coventry, I am a bit confused on one matter.”


She cast him a questioning glance.

“The letters from your father that we found in the late Earl’s papers referred to you as Lady Olivia, yet the betrothal agreement indicated Lady Jane Grant.”

She smiled. “I understand the confusion. My full name is Lady Jane Olivia Grant. However, since my mother’s name was also Jane, Father always called me Olivia, and I’m afraid the name has stuck, and is how I am known.”

Before the solicitor could respond, Malcolm appeared at her side and bowed slightly. “My lady, Cook has prepared a wedding breakfast, if you will step this way.”

She smiled politely and stiffened her shoulders. Small matter that she was a bride about to eat her wedding feast minus her groom. Appearances must be maintained. She turned to the vicar and solicitors and bid them join her.

Tossing uneasy glances at each other, the small party trailed her to the dining room, where Olivia played hostess as if nothing was at all amiss on her most unusual wedding day.

Shortly after the endless breakfast concluded, she stood, excused herself and made a gracious exit before hurrying to her room.

The elaborate chamber, connected to the Earl’s bedroom by a solid wooden door, contained dark, dreary furniture. The previous Lady Coventry’s tastes had run toward dull draperies and bed coverings. A deep green carpet covered the wooden floor. A fire already lit in the enormous fireplace drew her.

She extended her hands to the comforting warmth, then ran her palms up and down her arms. England’s weather dampened her mood as much as the events of the day. How she longed for the sunshine of Italy.

Olivia paced for a while, studying the door that separated her from her new husband. Feeling as though she was doing something wrong, she tip-toed across the room and pressed her ear against the door. The sound of heavy snoring greeted her.

Olivia rang for a maid and requested a cold cloth and a vial of lavender for a headache. Anger warred with sadness as she lay on her bed in the dimness of dusk. How dare that man treat her with such disdain? Did he ever think that perhaps she, too, wasn’t thrilled to be shackled to someone she didn’t know? She might be a lady through and through, but she had every intention of giving her husband a piece of her mind in the morning.

Reviews:Cocktails and Books wrote:

I loved this book and you will too. Jason is a hottie & Olivia is the kind of woman we'd all want as a friend. Read it!

The Romance Reviews wrote:

The historic elements and sensory details of each scene make the story come to life, and certainly helps immerse the reader in the world that Olivia and Jason share.

Jude F., Amazon wrote:

The Elusive Wife is the hoped for ray of sunshine on a cold and cloudy day. Our lovely and charming heroine finds herself married to a drunken cad who bails on her the morning after the wedding. What ensues is a lively and engrossing tale of how she eludes his interest and bests him at almost every turn. It's one of those non-stop reads that leaves you with a sigh and a smile at the very end.