For the Love of the Gentleman

Lady Prudence Sterling is finished with Society. After eight years of balls, routs, garden parties and carriage rides, she has determined there is no man for her and she will spend the rest of her life as a doting aunt to her many nieces and nephews. She will also pursue her art, a passion that has consumed her since girlhood.

A visit to the renowned Goddard and Reeves Art Gallery secures her an art show when Mr. Goddard praised her work. Thrilled to finally see her dream come true, the one thing keeping her from total happiness is the sharp-tongued Mr. Ashton Reeves who views her with contempt, and overly-polite formality.

Ashton Reeves, the unacknowledged bastard son of the Earl of Stanhope holds nothing but disdain for the haut ton after the way his mother had been treated by Stanhope. The last thing he wanted for his gallery was to showcase a Lady of Quality who would no doubt treat the entire event as a lark and quickly give up her art for marriage to a lofty lord.

Swords crossed and arrows aimed, the artist and the gallery owner must work together to have a successful show. ‘Twould not be a problem if the attraction between them would just cease…


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