To Vex a Highlander

First impressions are not always real. . .

Malcolm Sutherland, cousin to Laird Haydon Sutherland has been offered the chance to marry the daughter of Laird Bryce Ross. To entice The Ross into allowing his daughter to marry his cousin, Haydon has agreed to give Malcolm a piece of Sutherland land.

Lady Christine Ross is Laird Bryce Ross's youngest daughter and her da is anxious get her out of the castle. Especially since Christine's brother recently married and the two young lasses do not get along.

Looking forward to marriage and a new life, Christine is shocked to discover upon her arrival at Dornoch Castle that her betrothed is a man she met at the Highland Games the year before. She remembered him as judgmental, cold, and arrogant. Malcolm cannot believe his bride-to-be is the flighty, irresponsible lass from the Highland Games.

Is this a match made in heaven? Or in hell?