To Charm a Highlander

Love blossoms amidst secrets and suspicion. . .

Lady Donella Sutherland has been ignored by most of her clan because she is thought to be simple-minded. She wasn’t always that way, her brother, Laird Haydon insists. But the years go on and she doesn’t change.

Callum Gunn, second oldest son to Laird Gunn has been accused by his brother, Fraser of causing his father’s death on the battlefield. A charge Callum strongly denies. With a few men willing to testify on Laird Fraser Gunn’s behalf, Callum finds himself banned from his clan.

A few months of wandering around brings him to the Sutherland Castle where he asks Laird Haydon Sutherland to allow him to join his warrior forces. Not trustful of the Gunn Clan, Haydon refuses, but as Callum is about to leave, Lady Donella slips on the stairs and after smacking her head on a stone step, tumbles down, right into Callum’s arms.

Grateful for saving his sister from a certain death, Haydon allows Callum to stay.

When Donella awakens, she is surprised to find everyone treating her like a bairn. Her family and the clansfolk all act strangely toward her as she moves around the castle, doing normal jobs.

Callum finds the lass he rescued beautiful and charming. He sees nothing dimwitted about Donella and is confused by what he hears from others in the clan. However, as they grow closer he believes she is hiding a secret that could keep them from having a life together. If he wants that life with Donella, he must uncover what secrets she’s been hiding.


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