It’s a British Christmas

Special holiday duo featuring:

Miss Merry's Christmas
England, 1817.

David Worthington, Duke of Penrose dislikes Miss Meredith Chambers, the governess who accompanied his new wards to his home. He might be able to overlook the fact that she is an American, but her lack of propriety is a poor influence on the two girls in his charge. He especially detests his attraction to the insufferable woman, and is anxious for her replacement to arrive.

Despondent over having to leave her charges to the mercy of the overbearing Duke of Penrose, Merry is thrilled when the Dowager Duchess hires her as a companion. Now she can stay with her beloved charges. But can she ignore how her heart thumps when the pompous duke gets close?

Two people determined to ignore each other, despite the pull between them, and the sparks that fly whenever they're together.

A Christmas in Manchester - a True Cinderella Story
Miss Evelyn Allen has led a quiet life in Worcestershire all her twenty-one years as the devoted daughter of Pastor Joshua Allen and his wife. She always assumed she’d wed one day since her siblings had all done so, but no man had ever appealed to her in a way that she felt she could look across the breakfast table at him forever.

Until he came into her life…

The Duke of Manchester never expected to be left robbed and bleeding in the road miles from home. He knew his chances of survival were practically nil until an angel driving an old wooden wagon dragged him into her house where she and her mother nursed him back to health.

Even though she knows him for a lord by his manners and clothing, Eve has no idea that the man she is falling in love with is a Duke. A man so far above her she shouldn’t even be speaking with him.
To him, their stations matter not, but can he convince her that she is all he wants for Christmas?