An Inconvenient Arrangement

Book Cover: An Inconvenient Arrangement
Part of the Rose Room Rogues series:

He never met another woman like her; and hopes to never again. . . .

Dante Rose, along with his two brothers, splits his time between their very lucrative gaming hell and working undercover for the British Government on sensitive matters. He is also quite the rake, and as his father’s by-blow, has no title, and therefore no need to ever marry and produce an heir. He loves the ladies and his life exactly the way it is.

Lady Lydia Sanford, daughter of Viscount Sterling has an unusual talent. She can read, write and speak seven languages. She is occasionally called upon by the Home Office to help in a case that requires her knowledge. As a bright, independent woman, she has no need of a man since she supports herself quite comfortably with her assignments from the Home Office, a job she dearly loves.

When Dante and Lydia are summoned to the Home Office and given an assignment that requires them to work together, sparks fly. Some of them good, some of them not so good. She abhors rakes, gambling, and just about everything Dante stands for. Dante balks at having to bring a woman into his investigation. But when the investigation turns dangerous, will he acknowledge his growing feelings for Lydia and protect her?

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