A Lady’s Trust

Driscoll Rose and his two brothers own and run The Rose Room, a well-known and profitable gaming hell. Unknown to those who visit and spend their money there, the brothers also work for the Crown in a position that is only known to a mysterious man at the Home Office.

Miss Amelia Pence is a budding author escaping an unwanted future. Late one night she crawls into Driscoll’s office window and falls at his feet. Intrigued by the woman, he offers her a job as the only female dealer in the Rose Room.

Amelia is secretive about where she lives since she’s avoiding her father and disappears at times to do her writing. The growing attraction between them and his desire for her is causing him to dismiss the fact that crowds of gamblers swarm her table each evening, but the profits she turns in are not what they should be. Her secretiveness and disappearances only add to his concerns.