The Widow and the Viscount

He is trying to remember this is a fake engagement...

Natalie Shaw has been healing from a difficult marriage for the two years that she and her daughter, Annalise have been living with her sister, Dr. Rayne Sterling, and her husband, Lord Edwin Sterling.

Lord Alex St. John has spent his adult life being pushed by his mother find a wife. He had been betrothed and due to actions on the young lady's part, he broke off the engagement. Now he must attend his cousin's five day wedding celebration and knows he will be harassed by all the female members of his family, with numerous women dragged before him for consideration as a wife.

Over drinks at their club, Lord Sterling suggests to Alex that he take Natalie as a 'pretend' fiancée to ward off all the trouble he is about to face. Natalie reluctantly agrees.

Their plan appears to be working until Alex's former fiancée arrives for the wedding, determined to win Alex back. Not only does he have no intention of doing so, he is beginning to believe his 'fake' fiancée might be perfect as his 'real' fiancée.

However, there is desperate maneuvering on Mildred's part, because not winning Alex back is not an option.


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