Never Kiss a Highlander

Finn Mackay is anxious to make a name for himself. But as the third brother in his family, he feels as though any one of the clan’s warriors could fill his position. When the Clan Chief of the Mackays offers the Second in Command position to Finn's brother, Craig, as a newly married man, he turns it down. Finn is on a mission to deliver that information to The Mackay and offer himself in his brother's place.

Lady Aileen Mackay knows that her duty as a daughter of the Clan Chief is to marry for clan alliances. But her pull to the new Second in Command, Finn Mackay is a strong one. When they are caught in a compromising position, marriage is the only solution.

The Mackay is not happy, Finn Mackay is not happy, and Lady Aileen Mackay is not happy.


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