Death and Deception (audio)

Lady Amy’s midwife has been murdered, and the detectives are fumbling around. Can she find the killer before Lord William moves them to the country?

After almost a year of marriage, amateur sleuths Lord William and Lady Amy have put aside their investigating skills to prepare for their first child. It would be an easy thing, except dead bodies are once again popping up.

A corpse discovered floating in the Roman Baths was startling enough, but the unfortunate victim is Lady Amy’s and her sister-in-law Eloise’s midwife.

She adheres to her husband’s request that she not get involved.

For a while.

Since she has put aside writing her current mystery novel until after the babe is born, she finds herself bored, beginning a new hobby that Lord William fears may eventually do him in.

Then, another body shows up.

Now really, what’s a bored mystery writer to do?

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