Marrying the Wrong Earl

Book Cover: Marrying the Wrong Earl
Part of the Lords & Ladies in Love series:

Finally, he turned to look at her. “I am not fond of animals. Horses, yes, they have their place—which is not in my house. Cats, I am obviously allergic to, something I never knew until recently. However, as my countess, you will have enough to keep you busy without seeking out injured animals.”

She fisted her hands in her lap. “My lord, your lack of hearing concerns me. May I suggest you summon your doctor to assess your deficiency? I do not intend to marry you.”

His raised eyebrow had her squirming, like a child in trouble. “Indeed?” He steered the carriage around a deep hole in the ground and continued, “I will apply for a special license, which is expected in our circumstances.”

Arabella’s anger rose once again. “I do not wish to discuss this here, so please refrain from making sweeping statements that will only raise my ire and cause unpleasantness.”

Nash’s lips tightened. “I believe we have already settled the matter. If you cry off, your reputation will not recover. All my life, I have ensured that I always behave as a gentleman. I would not be able to continue in that vein if I allowed your reputation to be destroyed when I had the ability to save it.” He turned in her direction. “I agree we have had our differences, but is marriage to me so contemptible that you prefer a spinster’s life under a cloud of scandal?”

Published: April 17, 2017