Welcome to the online home of USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton, author of Western and Regency historical romantic fiction.

Hi Romance Fans,


Welcome to my part of the world. I write Regency and western historical romances with heat, humor, and quirky characters.

I’ve always loved history, which was my college major. Things of the past fascinate me. Not those boring history classes in high school, but the history of people. How they lived their lives, what they ate, what they wore, the challenges they faced, what they worried about.

Take a look around my website and check out some of the books I write, and their lovely covers, most of them created by the very talented Erin Dameron-Hill.

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Praise for Callie Hutton’s Books

“Reigning Regency Romance Regent, Callie Hutton, writes another scintillating tale to woo readers everywhere! I can say with no hesitation, I loved every moment reading this novel. This will be one I will enjoy over and over again.” ~ Lindsey Gray, author of Fireworks

“Callie Hutton does an outstanding job in melding political, gender bias, romance, and comedy into Regency Fiction and is able to keep it light… it’s gold!” ~ Lightning City Book Reviews