Miss Nellie Ward, brothel owner and former soiled dove stands alongside her long-time friend, Marshal Dane Jones in Dodge City as they watch her brothel burn to the ground. She’s been in ‘the business’ since she was fourteen years old, and now growing close to forty, she’s finished. She has no desire to re-build, and with the little money she’s saved over the years she is looking for something else to do and somewhere else to go. When the marshal asks her to chaperone four young ladies sitting in his jail to Santa Fe on a wagon train as mail order brides, she jumps at the opportunity.

Marshal Dane Jones has always wondered what it would be like to have Miss Nellie for his own. He’d admired her for years and was embarrassingly thrilled when she told her customers she was no longer available, and the brothel would only accept patrons for her girls.

The marshal is happy with the solution for what to do with the young women. The only problem is as he watches Nellie leave Dodge City, he realizes what a blunder he has made. Maybe it was time to turn in his badge and follow the woman he'd loved for years to Santa Fe.

When he arrives, Miss Nellie seems happy to see him, but can he convince her that he doesn't care what she was before; what matters to him is what he wants her to be now.

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