Season Fatigue

So the Christmas Season is now upon us. It used to be nothing Christmasy appeared in stores until the last bit of turkey had been consumed on Thanksgiving Day, but things have changed over the years.

Walmart in our town had Christmas trees up before Halloween. Ads for Black Friday and Christmas gifts appeared on  the internet not long after. A Season that was once a few weeks is now a few months.

Is that good or bad? Personally, I would prefer to go back to a shorter time period. I find by the time Christmas Day actually arrives I really don’t care anymore. Just get it over with sort of feeling.

Since I write historical romance and historical cozy mystery, my characters celebrate Christmas in an entirely different way. Lots of fun, games, food, company and dancing.

The emphasis was not on presents and spending money as much as it is today. It was more centered on enjoying the Christmastide Season, which was from Chrirstmas Eve until January 5th. That’s when the celebration took place. Hence the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Now for those of us suffering from Christmas Fatigue, by Christmas Day we’re done. Kind of sad, actually. Too much emphasis on presents and not so much on the actual celebration.

22 thoughts on “Season Fatigue”

  1. True – I can shop early without all the ads and decorations. But watching TV or going to the stores becomes overwhelming when it all starts in October. Seeing a mix of Halloween and Christmas decorations just isn’t right! By Christmas – meh, I’m done.

  2. I think it’s a shame that the holidays are commercialized to the point where Halloween decorations are up by Labor Day and Christmas decorations are up by November 1st but so many things have changed in our society — so many “unofficial” rules have been breached…that this seems like a very small problem in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Not having holiday fatigue but it gets sad thinking of the ones we lost and could not be there with us to celebrate.

  4. You can try to do too much.Rrelax and decide what is the most important thing you want to do first. Then put everything in order of preference.

  5. I personally do not like to see Christmas decor at stores before Thanksgiving. Each holiday should be special by itself.

  6. They definitely begin the Christmas season too early these days. I love it when its more about the actual reason for Christmas than the gifts.

  7. The holidays EXHAUST me!! Planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, decorating…I keep telling the family let’s have Christmas in February…I need more TIME!!!

  8. I read that in Europe, the Christmas season starts December 5 and ends the 12th day after Christmas. I would not mind that. But still would not put up my tree until Dec. 23 the earliest. We always have a live tree, so it stays fresh 2 weeks max. These people who put up the tree well before Christmas, rush to take it down Dec. 26th. Not for me. I want to relax then.

  9. I feel the same way! It would be nice to scale things back and actually remember the reason for the season.

  10. I definitely agree that the Christmas ‘season’ begins way too early now. You don’t even have the appropriate time to really appreciate the important dates during the entire quarter before Christmas Day, which can be a real detriment for historical, religious, and social reasons.

  11. I hear you. In the U.S., we’ve taken to cramming all the Fall-Winter holidays together and it’s gotten so commercial. Life was simpler when we were younger, and we took its simplicity for granted.

  12. I much prefer the Season start on December 1 st and not the same time as Halloween or Thanksgiving. I think a lot of people are burned put when a holiday is celebrated too far ahead of the actual date.

  13. I so agree, it’s all about the ‘commercial’ Christmas! There’s a lot of pressure, for me to get the right gift for everyone. It’s not easy because our family has so much, the kids have so much. Where are the Christmas carols that used to shine through. No, now we have all the Christmas Ads to contend with and the mountain of shopping catalogues. I still don’t know how we will spend Christmas together as it’s up in the air with COVID but we will manage and I’ve decided to just go with the flow and see everyone when and if we can. As soon as Christmas is over the shops put out the hot cross buns for Easter!! What!! No, wait, give us a break

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