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  1. I read almost anything, but my favorites are science fiction/fantasy, general historical, regency, cozy mystery, police procedurals–you get the idea!

  2. My favorite is romances and happy ever afters. Also like multiple births and Victorian lovers where everyone comes out happy.

  3. I primarily read romance and have dipped my toes in nearly every sub-genre for it. I also like YA and passed many book finds on to my daughter, who likes some books I didn’t or didn’t like some I loved.

  4. Hi
    I love to read paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. I also like historical/regency books on ocasion.

  5. I enjoy reading a variety of genres. I guess my favorites are adventure thrillers, political stories, cozies both contemporary and historical, and mysteries.

  6. Favorite genres for me are numerous indeed! They include romance (love all sub-genres: my favorite being historical fiction, the least likeable being sci-fi), cozy mystery, mystery, thriller/suspense, women’s fiction, Amish fiction, western fiction, and historical fiction, including mail-order brides and Oregon Trail)! What’s that saying…”SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME!”

  7. I enjoy historical romance of all time periods. Adding a mystery to solve, a search for treasure, someone to rescue makes it even more interesting and exciting.

  8. My favourites for fiction are historical romance, or historical mysteries/suspense. Otherwise I love fantasy, and bios, and some non fiction (ideally historical, instructional, or medical/science).

  9. Any romance, historical, Christian, contemporary.. Mostly romance but if in mood, I’ll read suspense, thriller or mystery.

  10. Whatever the genre for me it needs to be clean, sexy is okay but the cleaner the better for me.
    I like both Contemporary and Historical Romances, some RomCom and some Cozy Mysteries.

  11. I enjoy reading cozy mysteries, but I also enjoy inspirational novels, suspense, thrillers and other genres because I switch back and forth even on the same day. I guess I need variety in my reading.

  12. I love to read historical romance but I also enjoy reading contemporary romance, paranormal and even time travel.

  13. My favorite genre is romance. I love to read ones with fantasy, paranormal, mystery, contemporary elements the most but I am flexible to trying other knds.

  14. My favorite genres are mysteries, thrillers, Western Romances and pirate stories. I just love reading.

  15. Romance, lately fantasy romance has been my fave but I also read a lot of YA. I used to read mostly paranormal romance but I started reading other genres and liked them all, so I now try to read anything that has romance 😉

  16. Historical romance or any kind of historical fiction in general. Cozy mysteries, memoirs, and a variety of nonfiction as well. My reading tastes are pretty varied.

  17. Historical romance was my first for pleasurable reading and remains my top choice. Rosemary Rogers!! But also read history, biographies, memoirs but lately have been devouring contemporary romance. Not sure why. When I security guarded on weekends years ago I used to read Harlequin books by the dozens. Fit it my back pocket and were convenient.

  18. I love regency historical romances. I also like Victorian era romances. Lately though I want both with some mystery involved. Recently read and really enjoyed your book “A Study in Murder.”

  19. History, historical romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance/ urban fantasy (but by a select few authors)

  20. My favorite genre is Christian, clean, historical romance. I put in the clean because I have come across some books that have been labeled as Christian and have not been Christian at all when it comes to God’s word. I’m not a prude mind you, I just believe in God’s word.

  21. I enjoy western historical romance the most. However, if I don’t have anything else to read I’ll even read the print on the cans and boxes in my pantry!

  22. I am all about thrillers! Now and then I will read something from a different genre, but a good thriller is definitely my favorite thing to read.

  23. My favorite genre to read is romance. Specifically contemporary, paranormal and suspense. I’ll through in some historical and YA occasionally to keep things interesting.

  24. I thought I answered this already but read a few different genres but my fav has the Highlands of Scotland in them

  25. I enjoy romances. This includes rom coms, chick lit, contemporary, historical fiction, adventure/suspense and probably tons more in this genre.

  26. Recency and Georgian romances especially if there is a mystery involved. Also medieval mysteries like those by Ellis Peters and Susanna Gregory. And WW I mysteries by Charles Todd. Anything by Georgette Heyer

  27. Historical romance, Gothic, cozy mystery, rom com. In that order.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  28. I read across many genres, mystery, suspense, thriller, time travel, cozies, science fiction, paranormal romance and romantic suspense.

  29. My favorite genres to read are historical novels,non-fiction any books on Ireland,England and France and history.

  30. I like historical mysteries with a touch of romance. I prefer any historical romance that contains intrigue, danger, and dastardly villains.

  31. For me, its all about romance! I love just about any genres in romance! My favorites are historical and comedy! But, I have to say that I am really loving the romances with mystery lately!

  32. What are your favorite genres to read? I have a few favorite genres. Historical romance, paranormal, historical mysteries, and mystery.

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