48 thoughts on “Comment to Win ~ March 1-31”

  1. You are only comparable to Christi Caldwell and no one else. Thus said, great writings cannot be compared.

  2. Scarlett Scott Darcy Burke. There’s so many fabulous authors, the difference is some authors can literally transport you to another time and place by being so descriptive about the surroundings. You don’t realize the time or place you’re in.

  3. I don’t read many other authors work of historical r romance, but closest would be Lisa Kleypas. Thanks

  4. This is difficult because your writing is so distinctively YOU! I had to flip through a few books on my Kindle to finally decide that there are hints of Tammy Andresen in your descriptive language.

  5. Aurora Hanson I would put you both in same category. Both of your books hold my attention and I have hard time putting them down

    1. To be honest, I haven’t read any of your books yet. I just downloaded your free one and haven’t had time to read it.

  6. I’m currently into psychological thrillers. I read all kinds of genres…romance, suspense, mystery, sci-fi…every book is an adventure!!

  7. My favorite reading is Christian romance, Amish, romance with mystery, most any Love Inspired books. When I was still able to work, I purchased the 4 new Love Inspired every month at Walmart. I like historical books. I do not like books with porn. Or serial killers.

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