81 thoughts on “Comment to Win ~ January 31 to February 28”

  1. T o see our son — he’s currently living in Savanah (he’s in the Army, posted to Ft. Stewart) and because GA is so “open” and we aren’t eligible to get the vaccine yet, we haven’t seen him for several months. We miss him and are sad not to have been able to help him put his new apartment together, etc.

  2. For me, my favorite Valentine’s present is a love letter from my husband. They always come from his heart.

  3. Strange as it may see, it would be bacon roses and the whole day alone in the house with all 3 girls and the husband at his parents house! (1-21yo, 2-17yo girls..I never have alone time!)

  4. We have not been to a restaurant in a year due to the virus, so my perfect Valentine gift would be a meal out with my husband of almost
    49 years.

  5. To have my husband healthy. He has needed back surgery for over a year. Between covid and some other health issues it has been postponed several times. We are hoping for March.

  6. My perfect Valentine gift would be a massage and pedicure and them meet my husband for a nice dinner and a movie!

  7. Like many others I have missed eating out. This year I would love our governor to open the restaurants so my husband and I could enjoy eating out again.

  8. I would like a quiet dinner at home with some sort of chocolate dessert. As a gift maybe a KU subscription.

  9. I’d love to have a phone call from my three children. We all live so far apart and don’t get to see one another often.

  10. No smart talk, flower gifts, my favorite dinner and dessert (at th as that time .. I’m always changing my mind).. And a massage.

  11. Realistically, I know asking for health and safety is a given for all of us right now, so as much as I appreciate gift trinkets, I appreciate acts of service so much more. If the family said I wouldn’t have to cook or clean for a month, I’d be might touched this Valentine’s.

  12. My husband and me cook dinner together. My daughter call me, a hug and kiss from my great granddaughter and grandchildren. A single red rose and handwritten love note from my husband.

  13. My ideal gift would be getting an excuse to wear the beautiful, fancy dress that’s been hanging on my closet unworn for almost a year.

  14. My favorite Valentine’s gift to give or receive is See’s Candies! They have been a lifelong favorite, and my favorite in my family for 3 generations.

  15. To find my ONE TRUE LOVE. I’m older, mature and I’ve experienced several kinds of love but, not that real soul deep love. It would be grand to have that special someone to complete the rest of days! (Insert winks…)

  16. I would love an airlines ticket from Florida to Arizona (in a COVID-19 free world) so I can meet my brand new granddaughter.

  17. My perfect Valentine gift would be curling up on a couch/loveseat looking out at the waves coming in reading a gifted book by one of my favorite authors. I would want to read it start to finish without any interruptions.

  18. A day trip!! I love exploring new places and trying out new diners. That, to me, would be a perfect Valentine’s gift:)

  19. As much as I’d like many other things right now. For me the best gift I could use is a gift card to help out with the finances. I’m not trying to be pushy just honest. Sorry if I seem too forward, thanks for the chance. I’m new at this posting of comments. So I hope I didn’t flub somewhere.

  20. One more quiet evening at home for Valentine’s Dinner with my husband. Our last special day was six years ago on Valentine’s day. He passed away two weeks later.

  21. The best Valentine’s Day gift to me would be to me is that we could all live in a world without so much unrest and hate in it. I have seen so many people so out of control on TV filled hostility and hatred. This Valentine’s Day I would like the world to just chill back. Tell someone I love you and mean it.

  22. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be for the furniture store to call & tells us our new couch is in. It would finally put the event of bullets flying through our windows & tearing up our home & destroying our windows, furniture & almost losing our lives behind us.
    It has been a lot of stress & we need to move on. Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with my husband will be Awesome!!!!
    Thank You, for the chance to win. Enjoy your books & newsletteres.

  23. Chocolate and flowers would be great. I’ve never gotten them lol. Sometimes I get a card and maybe some perfume. With pandemic I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere to dinner or massage. Thank you so much for the chance happy Valentine’s Day

  24. I would love a new phone or laptop, my phone is cracked and has a huge blacked out spot on the upper left hand side, plus it is glitching like crazy. My laptop is very old and it keeps giving me error messages that it is going to fail and to back it up. But since I rarely get presents on Valentine’s day, these are just fantasy wishes. Happy early Valentine’s Day to you.

  25. The best Valentine’s Day would be being with my family, which I’ve not been with in over a year. (Just like for many, many).

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