Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!!

Today, I’m posting a snippet from A Wife By Christmas. This novella won third place for Best Historical Novella in the Romance Through The Ages Contest (RTTA); placed in the OK IDA contest, and was TRR Top pick.

Ellie Henderson from A Run For Love, is a high school teacher in 1907, and Max Colbert is her principal. She’s a suffragette, and a very independent, although trouble does seem to follow her wherever she goes. Max is as strait laced as they come. His goal is to get her married off, so she will quit teaching and leave him in peace. In this scene, Ellie is once again in trouble, with Max reluctantly to the rescue.

“Shh, I said, stop looking up my skirts.”

“I’m not looking up your skirts.”

“Yes, you are, I’m hanging here in my skirts, and you’re looking up at me.”

“I have to look up if I’m going to catch you.”

“Close your eyes.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, if I close my eyes, I’ll miss catching you.”

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of A Wife By Christmas. You can read the blurb and excerpt on this website. Please be sure to stop by and visit all the other wonderful authors on Six Sentence Sunday!

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30 Responses to Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!!

  1. Sounds like a fun one, Callie! Clever segment! You do a good job with your blog. The different categories of postings are not the standards you see elsewhere. Thanks for sharing your novella with us today.

  2. Ceri Hebert says:

    These two are such a fun couple!!

  3. Winona "Nona" Cross says:

    Love the blog. Love the snippet of a scene. Looking forward to the whole thing.

  4. Heh, awesome banter! Love this six 😀

  5. What a cute snippet. It had me smiling. 🙂

  6. Callie says:

    Thanks, Angela. They happen to be two of my favorite characters.

  7. Cute six. Love the banter.

  8. Ella Quinn says:

    That’s a cute piece.

  9. Callie says:

    thanks, Alexa. I love Max and Ellie

  10. Sarah W says:

    I love your premise! And this passage is so much fun—I can see him rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth!

  11. Arlene Hittle says:

    That sounds like a fun story. Loved your six.

  12. Sounds like a little reversal of roles. Fun. BTW, watch the quotation marks in the first sentence–“I said” should not be within the quotes.

    • Callie says:

      Hi Sue Ann, Thanks for stopping by. Actually, “I said” is Ellie speaking, not a dialog tag. Glad you enjoyed it

  13. Rae Renzi says:

    Fun! Want to read more…

  14. Calisa Rhose says:

    One of my fave scenes for sure, Callie! Great choice to highlite her rare primness and his logic. lol

  15. LMBO…Ellie is too funny! This was a great story Callie…you chose a fun snippet 🙂

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