Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday !!!

The last two weeks I posted my six sentences from A Prescription for Love, book number 3 in my Oklahoma Lover series that will release October 17th. Since that’s only a month away, I will continue to post from that book. A quick blurb:

In Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1903, Heidi Lester wants independence, Michael Henderson wants nothing to do with women, especially his beautiful employee. But spending every day together is chipping away at his resolve.

This scene takes place after last week’s post when he finds her gasping for breath on the street and she collapses into his arms, only minutes after he hires her.

“Are you choking?”

She shook her head. “Can’t . . . catch my breath.” She panted the words.

Michael held her upright, and pulled her hands high over her head. “Keeping your hands up will help open your airways; also, try to calm yourself.”

Thanks for joining us for Six Sentence Sunday. Be sure to visit the SSS site and see other wonderful six sentences from very talented authors. A full excerpt of A Prescription for Love is here: http://calliehutton.com/?page_id=478

Have a great Sunday!!

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20 Responses to Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday !!!

  1. That’s great advice! Hopefully she’ll be okay soon. 🙂

  2. Callie says:

    Hi Jessica, Ooooh does Michael make her ‘okay,’ lol. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping in. Off to check yours now.

  3. Love this, Callie…great hook!

    • Callie says:

      Thanks, Kristina. I’ve loved Michael since the first book in the series, A Run For Love when he was a teenager. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Ceri Hebert says:

    You have such awesome couples! Love Michael! Great job, Callie!

  5. A hero with a caring heart..can’t get much better than that! Excellent six!

  6. Silver James says:

    Gotta love a man who can take charge and actually knows what he’s doing! Watching these two get to know each other is going to be fun.

  7. Calisa Rhose says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the difference in treatments for simple things like asthma from then and now. For instance, this is just the method I use to get my kids out of a choking fit too, along with patting them gently on the chest. It took me a while to make hubby understand patting a choking victim on the back is more harmful than the reason one is choking sometimes. lol
    For his role, you have written a wise and knowledgeable hero, Callie. Great, and informative, 6. 😀

  8. Love your cover, Callie! Very eye-catching! Who did it for you?

  9. Frank Fisher says:

    The hero has come to save the day – and her from choking. I liked this very much.

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