The Christmas Frenzy

We’re probably all caught up in it right now. The Christmas frenzy. Magazines are full of glossy pictures of the perfectly decorated room, or the perfectly set table, the perfect family all gathered around.

While I’m sure most of our memories of this time of the year are good ones, if you’re old enough, there are bound to be some that bring sadness. A person missing at the perfectly set table. Past family gatherings that were more stressful than happy. Years where money was a problem and the additional burden of Christmas pushed us over the edge


I choose to remember the good times. Church services that were particularly moving, a Christmas where I got my much desired toy from Santa, the Christmas brunch my family does every year, but I’ve missed in the five years I’ve lived out of state. Lots of laughter, good food and fun.

With victims of Sandy still suffering, this time of the year has to be especially bleak. If you haven’t done so yet, take a few dollars out of your Christmas fund, and send them to the Red Cross to help those who are in the middle of probably the worst time of their life. 

Then hug those close to you, and rejoice in having your loved ones near.

How are you handling the Christmas frenzy? Almost finished shopping? Haven’t started? (me) Good memories, bad ones? Wish it was all over, or relishing every minute?


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