Romance Author Morgan K. Wyatt

I’m excited today to present Morgan K. Wyatt, author of Unexpected Cougar. Don’t you just love her cover?  And her book sounds great. Morgan is going to talk to us about flirting. Okay, Morgan, you’re on:

Flirting: Missing the Obvious

Women love watching romantic comedies where characters trade provocative entendres while smirking at each other. Men hate these same movies. Forcing your man to watch one of these will put him in an ugly mood because his experience from flirting didn’t resemble anything close.

Do you ever wish as you watch your romantic movie or read a romance novel that some man would flirt with you? Actually, they do all the time, but we’re oblivious most of the time. I noticed this when I took out my college freshman out school shopping. Shops were manned by teenage and college-age girls who thought my stepson was very fine.

Did he notice? Not really, the helpful clerks smiles were wider when they greeted him than the ones I got. They made sure to mention their name several times and how they’d love to help him. Normally, I can barely get checked out, but he had superior service. In a department store, one chick did everything but grab my stepson when she found out they would be at the same college. She told him where she would be staying, her name, her schedule, and how she’d love to show him around campus. His response to the pretty blonde was that he’d already had a tour. Did I mention he’s an engineering student?

He had no clue she was coming on strong. I on the other hand, had a hard time keeping a straight face. I would have stepped away if I hadn’t been paying. Men are like that, missing the obvious. That’s one reason the television show, The Big Bang Theory, is so popular with women. Plenty of women made a play for an intelligent guy to only have it shoot right pass him. Most women give up after their first try.  Are women any better at detecting flirting?

Women can spot the lothario who comes on suddenly like a bad case of the flu. The earnest men who own no smooth moves are difficult to detect if flirting.  My husband revealed that those men in the grocery asking me odd questions when I was single about wine, cheese, and dog food were flirting.  Flirting? You’re kidding me. I thought they really couldn’t find the wine or cheese departments. I was confused why they didn’t know the best food for their own dog. Apparently, there are sites on the Internet encouraging men to meet women in the grocery. A woman, if interested, will prolong the conversation.

Wait a minute, unfair, why would you prolong the conversation if you didn’t have a clue that guy was flirting? That would be creepy to say the least making you a female lothario. How could you prolong the conversation? My dog eats Kibbles and Bits, want to hit the coffee bar and discuss it?  Plenty of single men and women pass each other every day trying to make a hookup, without success. Think back, can you remember some man talking to you that you wondered if he was flirting?

Before my recent marriage, my husband, then boyfriend, usually got upset that this one young guy would talk to me whenever I was at the gym. Very normal conversation about the weather or the club, nothing too exciting, certainly not flirting I explained. Oh no, my man insisted he was flirting because men aren’t that chatty. If they choose to talk, they only approach women they find attractive.  He also informed me the man in question put himself in areas I would be to strike up conversation. Why waste time talking to a woman he didn’t find interesting; something to consider when a stranger talks to you for no obvious reason. He chose to talk to you, and most likely put himself in your area to do so.

In my newest release, UNEXPECTED COUGAR, by Secret Cravings Publishing features Jackson, an engineer, who is not a smooth flirter. Unfortunately, for guys without the moves they often give up settling for a manipulative woman with a strong whip hand or stay home inventing new avatars for their online video games.  Jackson has his eyes on Elise who he sees several times a week, but doesn’t know how to approach. Bad news is a sly manipulator named Trinity has her eye on him. This starts the awkward dance of missed chances, misread signals, and less than pure intentions between the trio.  Find out more at

As for flirting, no man is as ever as good as the romantic lead. No wonder men hate these movies. They believe that there really are men out there with beautiful lines and women are falling at their feet. All they see in the movie guy is everything they aren’t, which is enough to make them stomp off in a bad mood, even if they did win the girl.

Sure would be nice if guys would just say, “Hey, I’m flirting.” I remember reading pickup lines that yielded the most success. The top scorer was the one where the man admitted not being good at picking up girls, and didn’t know why he tried. The women in turn where quick to reassure him that he had several good traits. I wonder if they were relieved just to know a man was flirting with them, and readily admitted to it. Often the obvious isn’t that obvious at all.

Callie: Hmm. So was that guy really flirting?? Nah. I’m old enough to be his mother. Older sister? What do you think about flirting? Can you tell if a man is trying to get your attention, or are you oblivious?


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21 Responses to Romance Author Morgan K. Wyatt

  1. Fun post…and absolutely beautiful cover Morgan! Congrats on your book and I wish you much success…sounds like a good read.

    • Morgan Wyatt says:

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks for commenting. I am thrilled that I was actually able to pick my own cover. Thanks for your good wishes. It is a fun read. I find humor sneaking into my books since romance seldom runs smooth.

  2. CathyShouse says:

    I enjoyed this post about flirting. I’ve always been oblivious to it. Plus, was always interested in the guy who didn’t know I was alive or was actively flirting with someone else. 🙁 I could have used your guide to flirting, or at least recognizing flirting, when in college. lol

  3. Liz Flaherty says:

    Good post and wonderful cover. Flirting’s like dating–I just don’t think I could do it again. It is fun to take the teenage grandkids shopping, though, because you can ALways get service when there’s a nice-looking young thing with you.

    • Morgan Wyatt says:

      A good friend of mine loves embarassing her daughter when we are out by commenting how a particular bag boy or sales clerk might be a cute date for her. While this bothers her daughter, it always delights the guy. LOL

  4. Ella Quinn says:

    Great post. I’m pretty oblivious.

    • Morgan Wyatt says:

      Every day men might be flirting with you. Men are careful who they ask directions or the time because it can be deemed as the first step. 🙂 Something to think about. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Neecy says:

    I think you can tell when a man is flirting! Young or old. He may walk past you a few times, you feel his stare from across the room, ect.
    Cute post, enjoyed the read.

  6. Calisa Rhose says:

    It’s never easy, is it? lol Thanks for clearing it up a little, Morgan!

  7. Morgan Wyatt says:

    My friend used to ask men in the wine aisle for helping picking out wine as a coversation starter. Then my son came home complaining about all the women asking him for wine suggestions at the store. LOL. Thanks for commenting

  8. Ceri Hebert says:

    I don’t think I can remember that far back… hmm… yes, I think I could tell way back when. But it’s been a really long time. Great post, ladies!

    • Morgan Wyatt says:

      Hi Ceri,

      Thanks for dropping by. My great aunt told me she used to do her homework on the front porch to watch the boys in the neighborhood. Her future husband always managed to wander over and talk to her while she was “working.”

  9. Callie says:

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I was away from the computer until now. I just loved Morgan’s take on flirting.

  10. Morgan Wyatt says:

    Hi Callie,
    Now that I know more about flirting, I have to rethink all those annoying boys in high school that drove me crazy. Were they flirting or just annoying? I am still unsure. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Rhoda Siller says:

    When I turned 40 I was just freshly divorced. I had been married 21 years. Anyway I finally got to be single and adult. Flirting was fun. And I did notice that men are better at it after a couple of drinks. The best pick up line I heard was What no kiss no hug. Well I’ll settle for a conversation.

  12. Morgan Wyatt says:

    Hi Ally,

    Do you think they have a clue? Looking back at my high school years, I was asked to the the prom by a very popular guy I turned him down because I thought surely it was a joke. He went on to take my friend who didn’t question the offer. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Morgan Wyatt says:

    Hi Callie,

    Thanks for hosting me. I would be happy to send a copy of Unexpected Cougar to a lucky commenter. There were some productions slow downs and I didn’t think it would be done. It goes out tomorrow. Let me know. Thanks.

  14. Callie says:

    So nice to have you, Morgan. I just loved your take on flirting. Let’s give it until tomorrow, and then I’ll pick a winner for you.

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