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HI Rowena, and welcome to Monday Magic. It’s great to have you here.

Thank you for hosting me on Monday Magic. I’m excited to be here with you and really appreciate the opportunity of being featured.

Are you so passionate about reading that you’ll read just about anywhere?

As a child, I often dreamed of becoming a writer, mostly wanting to be one of the characters in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton and then writing my own adventures. I found it quite disappointing that life really wasn’t like that at all. But reading became a passion and I worked my way through all the books in the young adult section of the library, before venturing across to adult books. One day while walking home from school I was reading Joan of Arc and actually fell down a manhole men were working on. I remember my foot knocking something and me thinking, I’ll walk around it. Yes that’s right. I walked round a drum put there expressly to stop people falling in. Talk about embarrassing. Fortunately, the men who were working at the site were having an afternoon tea break otherwise I might have ended up as a fairy atop of one of their helmets.  I imagine it wouldn’t have been all that comfortable!  And it really wasn’t the type of fairy tale I had imagined for myself. It was all so embarrassing (I had bruised knees for months) it cured me of walking and reading at the same time.  Since leaving school, I ventured to Europe, lived and worked in London for a couple of years before returning home to New Zealand to bring up my son.  I’ve worked in a number of different jobs, most of them in offices. Although for a couple of years I was a postal worker as well. My body may have been at work but my head was mostly in the clouds.  It still is. Eventually those daydreams turned into stories of my own. At first it was a couple of short story competitions, for which I received perfume, both times as prizes. Such success fueled my desire to write something longer and preferring publication to perfume I set about writing my first book. Five books later, I’m finally published with The Silver Rose, a paranormal romance, and hopefully, the first in a trilogy about three sisters, all powerful witches. It’s such an amazing feeling to achieve a long-held dream.  I’m currently working on The Jade Dragon, book 2 in the series.

I still read where I can. Now I have a Kindle I can take to work to read (during breaks that is). I’ll curl up on the couch to read, in the bath, in bed, while in a traffic jam, at the beach.

What I look like –

Rowena May O’Sullivan



A bit about The Silver Rose…

Four hundred years ago, Immortal Warlock Aden Dragunis defied his elders and married a mortal without magical potential. On his first wedding anniversary he crafted his Beloved a magical silver rose which bloomed only for her. When she and his mortal children died one by one, he buried his heart with them and vowed never to love again.

Sent by the Supreme Coven, Marylebone, to ensure the mortal witch Rosa Greenwood meets her fate as the Bells of Marylebone have decreed, Aden’s vow begins to unravel when he discovers Rosa in possession of the silver rose.

Rosa risks being consumed by her own power. She must bind her magic with her destined mate within one calendar month, or surrender her magic forever. If she fails to do either, Marylebone’s Dragons will hunt her down, burn her magic from her, and she will die.

Convincing Aden he is her destined mate is proving to be more difficult than she ever imagined. With time running out the only option left is to sacrifice her magic but she knows she will be a mere shell without a soul if she does.

Then she learns Aden, the one who could ultimately save her, is also the one sent to kill her should she fail.

Buy link:  Amazon

 Now for a few fun things:

Mountain home or beach house?

Beach house.  NZ is surrounded by beaches and there’s nothing lovelier than a sunny day, a cold drink or icecream, while lying on a blanket at the beach with a good book and friends to natter with. There are several beautiful beaches only ten-fifteen minutes drive from where I live so I’m spoilt for choice.

Gloomy day or sunshine to get your muse going?

Sunshine, clear blue skies do it for me every time.  NZ is knowing as Aotearoa which translates to “The Long White Cloud” and it definitely lives up to it’s name, so a sunny day is always welcome.

Coffee or tea?

Both! Tea first thing in the morning when I arise.  A decaf coffee when I get to work!

Cat or dog?

I have to say cat! I’ve been cat sitting for four years now, as my best friends daughter and son-in-law went travelling to Europe and their still there!  I love Bali to pieces and she sleeps on my bed every night.

Beach vacation or sightseeing?

Oh gosh! Both! Sightseeing when travelling. But for real relaxation the beach.

Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, or pencil skirt, silk blouse, and killer heels?

Jeans t-shirt with killer heels!

Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga?

I don’t think I’m either.  I’m a little bit Zooey Deschenal I’m thinking, only older! I’d sure like to be able to sing like Carrie Underwood though.

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I want to thank Rowena for visiting with us today, and sharing information about herself and her book which I think sounds fascinating. I know she’d appreciate some comments, and is offering a $5 gift card from Amazon for one lucky commenter. Rowena lives in NZ, so her response to our comments may be a bit behind the rest of us, but I promise she will be here with us!



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