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I’m happy to introduce you to D’Ann  Lindun, who will let us discover a little bit about her and her wonderful book, A Shot Through the Heart. Don’t you love the cover? Okay, D’Ann, you’re on, girl:

Callie: If you could be a character in one of your books, who would it be, and why? D’Ann:  Hmmmm…. I’m not sure. I have several I like a lot.

Callie: It is hard to choose isn’t it? If you hadn’t decided to become a writer, what other occupation can you see yourself in? D’Ann: Cattle rancher, a lifelong dream.

Callie: Okay, – that seems to fit with your cover, lol. Do you prefer redeemable villains, or like them nasty through and through? D’Ann: Nasty through and through.  I suppose they’re more human if they have some redeeming trait, but I like them to just be horrible.

Callie: My villains are usually pretty rotten, too. Is finding the right title easy or hard? D’Ann: Generally very easy. I usually have a line in the book that I use. But my current WIP has gone months without a name, poor thing!

Callie: I find coming up with a title difficult. But for a few of my books it came extremely easy. What did you do immediately after receiving your first ‘call?’ D’Ann: Burst into tears! Called my daughter in from the next room to pinch me and to read the email to make sure it was real.

Callie: Amazing, at how we find something good hard to believe. Now for a few fun things:

Mountain home or beach house? mountain home. I don’t like water, and I can’t swim.

Gloomy day or sunshine to get your muse going? Gloomy day, like now!

Coffee or tea? Coffee with lots of cream and sugar or chai tea.

Cat or dog? both!

Beach vacation or sightseeing? I don’t like to travel, so neither.

Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, or pencil skirt, silk blouse, and killer heels? Jeans with sneakers or boots!

Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga? Carrie Underwood.

Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Romance appeals to her because there’s just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. D’Ann’s particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them. This is probably because she draws inspiration from the area where she lives, Western Colorado, her husband of twenty-nine years and their daughter. Composites of their small farm, herd of horses, five Australian shepherds, a Queensland heeler, eight ducks and cats of every shape and color often show up in her stories!

Here is a little snippet from Shot Through the Heart:

“Help.” This time the sound carried clearly through the storm.

Spinning around, Derrick scanned the cliff. In the fading light, all he saw was gray cliff, jagged edges. The rain made seeing difficult. He scanned again. Halfway up, a girl sat on a narrow ledge. “Help me,” she cried.

Holy hell. How had she gotten there? No matter. She needed help, now.

He waved to show he heard her plea and raced for the horses. After throwing his saddle on Ash and mounting, Derrick galloped toward the trail. Reaching it, he slowed the gelding to walk. The narrow path quickly wound up the mountain. When he found a place wide enough to dismount, Derrick stepped off the horse and led him behind.

Taking care not to fall, Derrick knelt and peered over the edge.

The girl sat on a narrow outcrop jutting the cliff’s face, her white-knuckled hands curled around the ledge. She sat with her back pressed against the cliff, roughly fifteen feet below him, thirty or forty feet above the pond where her friend had landed. Her face, when she tipped it up to him, looked as milky as a full moon. “Please help me.”

“Hold on.” Derrick took his lariat from his saddle and made a loop. He tossed it down to her. “Put that around your waist, then around your behind. I’ll pull you up. Use your hands to push away from the wall. Are you strong enough?”

She grabbed at the rope when it swung past her face. “I think so.”

It took three tries before she snagged the lariat.

He made sure she had the rope secured around her, then tied the other end around his saddlehorn. “I’m going to lead the horse forward. I’ll go easy, but if it’s not slow enough, shout out. I won’t be able to see you.”

“Go,” she said.

With a light tug on the bridle, Derrick urged Ash forward. The rope tightened. Step by step, the horse pulled the woman up the cliff. When her face appeared over the lip of the trail, Derrick slipped by Ash and hurried to her. He reached under her arms, dragged her onto the narrow trail and fell back on his rear with her on top of him. Safe in his arms, the woman trembled like a leaf in a windstorm. Sobs wracked her body.

Derrick smoothed her tangled, coppery hair back from her face. “Shhh. You’re safe now.”

Oh, that left me drooling!  I loved that excerpt.

Shot Through the Heart is available now:

D’Ann is offering a free copy of Shot Through the Heart to one lucky commenter. So show her some love, and say hello.



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