Meet Bev Irwin!!

Let’s welcome Bev Irwin who also writes under Kendra James. She has an impressive list of books that’s kept her busy writing. Before we get to that, let’s here a little bit about her:

If you could be a character in one of your books, who would it be, and why?

Oh, I would love to be my ghost, Amanda in GHOSTLY JUSTICE. She is such a pain in the neck. My main character, fifteen year-old Daria is just learning that she is psychic and not happy about it, especially when Amanda starts harassing her at home, at school, even when she is sleeping.

Now that Amanda has finally found someone she can make contact with, she is going to make sure Daria helps her no matter how unwilling she is. Amanda wants what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a ghost and haunt people? Who would you haunt if you could? Would you be a nice or a nasty ghost?

If you hadn’t decided to become a writer, what other occupation can you see yourself in?

I’ve been a registered nurse for many years, but had life been different, I would love to have spent my whole life working with horses. I have been a horse lover since I could walk. I read every Walter Farley (The Black Stallion) book that he wrote and I saw every horse movie that was made. My time owing horses came later in life but the love of these magnificent creatures has never waned.

Do you prefer redeemable villains, or like them nasty through and through?

I seem to have my villains be nasty throughout the book but they have always have a background reason, or a trauma, or mental illness that has brought them to the mental state where they are now and the actions that they commit. I do like the end of the story to have justification for the wrong the villains have done.

Is finding the right title easy or hard?

The titles seem to just come to me and so far none of the titles of my books has been changed.
One author, before I was published, asked if he could use my title, WITHOUT CONSENT. I felt like he was saying, well you’re not going to get published and need it. Well it is being used and I have plenty more in the WIP file.

Now for a few fun things. Mountain home or beach house?

Definitely the beach house. I am a scorpio and I have an affinity to water. It is soothing to my soul and fuels my creative juices. When the money comes rolling in, that is what I plan to buy, a place on the water. I would love to be able to wake up and see water before I even get out of bed. I would have a place with tons of windows overlooking the water. A place where I could canoe or kayak every day.

Cat or dog?

I have two cats. Zeus hid in the trunk of my car when I moved from the country. The other, Jackson, was given to me by my daughter when she moved out to Fort MacMurray, Alberta.
But really I am a dog person. My two collie crosses passed away this last year but I now have a very energetic, awesome mix breed puppy. Her mother is a Bernese Mountain dog crossed with a Rottweiler and the dad is a border collie crossed with a black lab and voila, I have dog that looks like a golden retriever, go figure.
But the weird thing is that when I wrote IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, a YA novel about a fourteen year old boy having to search in Northern Ontario for his father, I had the boy find a large blonde dog in a trap. He rescues the dog and they become friends, even sharing the food they both catch.
I picked Shayla out of a litter of ten never thinking she would grow to resemble the dog in my book. When Hallmark (dreaming here) makes a movie out of IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, I want Shayla, to be the dog in the book.

Beach vacation or sightseeing?

I want to live by the water but I would rather have a vacation sightseeing. There are so many wonderful places to see in this world and I would love to see them all. Once I win the lottery I am going to retire and travel and write.

Award-winning author, Bev Irwin, lives in London, Ontario, with two cats. One that hid in her car when she moved from the farm and one dropped off by her daughter when she moved to Northern Alberta. Her three children have flown the coup, but her granddaughter, Jasmine, is a frequent visitor.

As a registered nurse, she likes to add a touch of medical to her romance and mystery novels. She writes YA, children’s, and poetry. She prefers spending time in her garden, writing, and reading to being in the kitchen.

Her debut novel, WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE, a contemporary romance, came out in December of 2011 with Soul Mate Publishing under the pen name of Kendra James. Her YA paranormal, GHOSTLY JUSTICE, was released in print and ebook by Black Opal Books on April 14th, 2012. MISSING CLAYTON, a suspense novel, was released July 28th. A youth adventure, IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, was released Oct 27th. A  medical/police thriller, WITHOUT CONSENT, with a  blurb from Lee Child as a ‘fine medical thriller’, will be released with Black Opal Books on January 26, 2013.

I want to thank Bev for taking the time to be with us here today. You can check out her books on her author page at Amazon here:  Bev Irwin

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