I’m excited today to present Laura Simcox to everyone and her very recent release, Summer Promises. Before we tell you about her book, let’s put Laura on the hot seat.

Do you prefer redeemable villains, or like them nasty through and through?

Hmm. I think it depends on the story. There are some villains that need to get blown to bits, and there are some that are worthy of redemption.

What faults do you prefer your heroes to have?

I like a hero with some self-doubt. Strong and silent is sexy, but if our guy can’t grow emotionally, it gets boring after awhile.

How do you pick the names of your characters?

Well, it’s a process. I start with the heroine and hero and write down some choices that sound good together. I say them out loud. Then I do a search to make sure no prominent real people have those names. For secondary characters, I like to choose names that are symbolic (or yes, stereotypical in some cases) without being too obvious. I enjoy naming. Can you tell?

What did you do immediately after receiving your first ‘call?’ 

I received my first ‘call’ while scrolling e-mail on my Kindle. It was: “Crap. Crap. More crap. No, I don’t want an oil change coupon. Crap. And then…..HOLY CRAP!” My eyes got round as buttons on a pea coat and because my toddler son and I had been playing pirates I said “Yarrr! Yer momma’s going to be published!”

Now for a few fun things:

Gloomy day or sunshine to get your muse going?

Sunshine is best. Gloomy days make my muse urge me to turn on the TV and grab a blankie. My muse likes sunbeams.

Beach vacation or sightseeing?

Sightseeing in the nerdiest form possible. I prefer historic homes, museums and living history in general.

Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga?

Neither. Told you I was a nerd. My favorite music is Christmas music, preferably sung by a world-class choir. But I also love Aerosmith.

Here’s a blurb about Summer Promises:

Scenic designer Carly Foster just started her last summer theater job, and at the ripe old age of twenty-nine, she promised herself it would be a working vacation in the mountains of New Mexico- with no romance allowed. But luck is so not on her side: she’s stuck in a touristy ghost town with a charming bodyguard who’s flirting with her just to relieve his own boredom. How insulting! Besides, she’s finished with the ‘drama trauma’ of theater romance: her love life has never been beyond Act One because she can’t stay away from tortured artists. Not this time.But she’s trapped 24/7 with a perfect specimen: Asher Day, the producer’s brother recently returned from New York City with an armload of empty canvasses and a vanload of attitude. A sexy painter who won’t talk about his past? So typical. But Carly is determined not to repeat the ‘drama trauma’ of her past relationships. If only Asher could live up to his wounded artist persona, she could kick him to the curb and stick by her goal to stay away from the type of guy who stomps on her spirit. But the magnetic pull she feels from Asher is irresistible. He has inner strength and compassion, not to mention a heart-melting wink. And his kisses leave her sleepless. If Carly can’t keep the drama in the theater and out of her personal life, not only will she have bags under her eyes, but her heart will never survive the summer.

After spending twenty years in professional theater as a costume designer, Laura abandoned the nomadic lifestyle to sit in a comfy pleather office chair at a beat up ginormous second hand oak desk and write. The result? Romance novels! Her favorite thing ever since she was, oh, about twelve. She is thrilled to be counted among the romance authors of this world and enjoys reading all genres. She writes contemporary, light novels and enjoys creating quirky characters and funny dialogue. Sometimes it’s even juvenile dialogue, but hey, who couldn’t use a dose of silly humor every now and then? Still, the love story is the focus and Laura has a huge soft spot for a sappy, happy ending.

Laura lives in North Carolina with her husband (true love is real!!!) and her adorable, high energy three year old son who is currently obsessed with pirates. And that’s cool, because she loves ’em too.

You can find Laura hanging out here: Laura Simcox website

If you’re smart enough to buy her book, you can grab your copy here: Amazon
iTunes buy link: ITunes

FB author page: Facebook

Twitter:  Twitter

So what do you think about Laura’s wonderful new book?  She’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Aaahh..I love Aerosmith too! I have seen them so many times it’s crazy and when my daughter was little she practically thought Steven Tyler was her father! lmbo

    Okay, enough of my fantasies! Love your book cover and great blurb!!! Much success to your and your book 🙂

    • Laura Simcox says:

      Hi Christine! How fun that you’ve seen Aerosmith so many times. I haven’t…but they were great companions when I was blasting down an interstate on my way to my own summer jobs. Thanks for your nice comments about my book. 😉

  2. R.T. Wolfe says:

    Yarrr! Congratulations, Laura! You’re awesome!
    -R.T. Wolfe
    Black Creek Burning (Crimson Romance, September 2012)

  3. Calisa Rhose says:

    Welcome Laura! I just LOVE that cover! What a wonderful interview ladies. Thanks for introducing us to a super writer, Callie. I wish you all the luck, Laura.

  4. Ceri Hebert says:

    Ah, summer theater! I remember having a crush on an actor who played Frederick in Pirates of Penzance at a summer theater. Oh, and the lead in the college play I was in. Nothing like an actor! I wanted a career in show business at one point in my life. Love the premise of this story! I wish you great success with it!

    • Laura Simcox says:

      Ceri, I had many a theater crush ‘back in the day’. Then I went and married a chemist…couldn’t be happier. 😉 I’m glad you love the premise…I was hoping some people would find it fun. Thanks!

  5. Callie says:

    Thanks for stopping by, folks. I know Laura appreciated your visit and comments.

    • Laura Simcox says:

      Thank you, Callie. I certainly did appreciate the visits and comments! Although my wee pirate son took up my evening, I was happy to check in this morning to find more fun remarks. I had a blast on your blog. 🙂

  6. Laura Simcox says:

    Ally, Yarr. I be a bit late with this response, but I figure it still be Talk Like a Pirate day somewhere in the world. Thank ye for yer nice words and here’s hopin’ the book don’t walk the plank! lol.

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