As we bow our heads over our meal today, surrounded by family and friends, let’s remember all those who are missing loved ones. Either they are fighting overseas, or  have gone to their eternal reward, or simply chose to spend their time elsewhere.

For as wonderful as most of us find this day to be, there are those who can’t wait for the entire season to end because they’re hurting so much. Victims of the hurricane, the unemployed, and those battling illness need our thoughts and prayers.

For better or worse, our country just passed through an important election. Let’s also give thanks today to live in a country where an election doesn’t end in bloodshed. And let’s all pray for our president who has to shoulder the burden of leading this great country of us.

Happy thanksgiving. And welcome to the Christmas frenzy!!

On a lighter note, once you’ve digested your scrumptious meal, grab a copy of Miss Merry’s Christmas or A Wife by Christmas, and chortle your way through the rest of the day. Amazon – Callie Hutton Author page


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