Free Kindle Books!!!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all. Several of us authors have gotten together and decided to offer our books for FREE two days: (December 25th and December 26th). There are some really great books here. Take a look:

Miss Merry’s Christmas by Callie Hutton: The Duke of Penrose is not happy with Miss Meredith Chambers, the American governess his new wards have arrived with. He quickly replaces her, happy to have his unwanted attraction to the unsuitable woman behind him. Until his mother hires her as a companion… 


Finally Home by Ceri Hebert: Despite their rocky past, Torie Barron and Alex Carmichael’s identical goals drive them in a headlong collision over the horse farm they both covet until a family tragedy puts an end to Torie’s dreams. As her life is swept down an unexpected and rocky path, she turns to the man who has been so infuriating yet intriguing. The man who stomped her heart into the ground when they were teens. Will Alex be her savior, or the one who stands in the way of all she’s ever wanted? FREE 12/26 to 12/29.  Amazon

Lady in the Mist, by Winter Frost: A psychology student takes a job caring for a mentallyunstable young man on a remote coastal island and becomes embroiled in a deadly mystery.


Quotable by Kathy L. Wheeler: GENNA LYNDSEY is not apeople person. A short, too-skinny, wild haired waif, with crazy hair and sturdy nerdy glasses lives through books. So it’s lucky she and her best friend own their own bookstore. Her college days taught her that dating was too unreliable to depend on others. It was then that she started resorting to obscure quotes to shield herself from others who ventured too close.

RICK JOHNSON, Fraud Insurance Claims Investigator, is assigned to look into an unusual number of claims filed by Genna Lyndsey. He suspects Genna of sabotaging her own property for insurance money. His investigation uncovers an adorable introvert determined to keep everyone at bay, while someone else resolves to put her out of business—no matter how great the risk.


Journal of a Lycanthrophile by Fierce Dolan: When the kink most forbidden is the monster that satisfies.


Last First Kiss by Lori Leger: Her daughters wanted a daddy…She wanted her old life back…All he wanted was the three of them…


The Dream Jumper’s Promise by Kim Hornsby: a broken promise has consequences… FREE UNTIL THE 27th



Bound by Decency by Claire Ashgrove:




The Good Daughter by Diana Layne: Payback is a bitch



The Slayer’s Wife by Tenaya Jayne: Best friends turn into deadly enemies for the love of one woman



Her Druid Temptation by Trish F. Leger:





Adrienne’s Ghost by Leah St. James: FBI agent and psychologist investigate the murder of an FBI recruit and come face to face with the victim’s spirit.



Vows of Revenge by J. F. Ridgley: After her patrician husband sells her to a fate worse than death, Aelia must learn that in Amalfi you live by your heart, not by Rome’s laws.

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