The Artist and the Rake

Life hasn’t been too kind to Lizbeth Davenport for the last two years. Her entire family was wiped out by influenza, leaving her alone in the world. Then she was kidnapped from her boarding house and sold to a brothel. Now that she’s free she’s ready to move on with her life, but the anger still festers that no one paid the price for kidnapping her. She takes her anger out in her art which is beautiful and dark.

Even though his family has been pushing him toward marriage, Marcus Mallory has no desire for the confinement of the wedded state. He enjoys the company of the ladies and likes his life the way it is. A wife and family are far down the road for him. He helped rescue Lizbeth from the brothel and feels a sense of responsibility for her. As a connoisseur of the arts, he is fascinated by her paintings and encourages her to sell them.

Together they decide to bring down the group who destroyed Lizbeth’s life. Will their working side by side change their minds about the attraction growing between them?


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