For the Love of the Baron

Book Cover: For the Love of the Baron

The Noble Hearts Series from USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton brings heart, humor and happiness to three sisters and the father eager to marry them off.

The Earl of Pomeroy has three lovely daughters that he dearly loves. However, it is time for them to find husbands of their own who will pay for all the gowns, slippers, pelisses, ribbons and other fripperies that are slowly bankrupting him. He announces at breakfast one morning that they girls will marry in order of their birth.

The last in line to marry, Lady Marigold, has been in love with Baron Marlboro since she was a girl, and is devastated when he marries another on her eighteenth birthday. Three years later, he is a widower with a small child. When he asks Marigold to help him find a wife and a mother for his daughter, she offers herself. He refuses, telling her he could never love another woman, and she deserves more.

But Marigold is determined to have the man she loves, even if she can never have his love in return. Can she convince him she is the perfect bride he is searching for? And in the process, possibly even gain his heart?