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Coming in January 12, 2015: The Baron’s Betrayal BB_500(#4 in the Marriage Mart Mayhem Series)

Lady Marion Tunstall has just now re-entered society after mourning her beloved husband for two years, who was killed in an explosion while serving in the Royal Navy.

Tristan, Lord Tunstall has purposely kept himself hidden from Marion for more than two years. It had been his desire to allow her to continue to think he was dead so she could marry again and not be burdened with a damaged husband.

What happens when a determined woman faces the ultimate rejection from the only man she has ever loved?


“My lord.”

He rose, his mouth working as he tried desperately

to respond, but the huge lump wedged in his throat kept

him from answering. The muscles in his neck continued to

tighten, and he turned his head away from her voice, fearful

she would see his tears. “Marion.” Her name came out raspy,

somewhere between a groan and a plea.

Then, almost knocked off his feet by her enthusiastic

embrace, he inhaled her smell, her softness, her love.

Holding his arms out to his sides, he quickly surrendered

to his desires and encircled her slim body. For one precious

moment he imagined her always being here in his arms. His

palms slid upward, his fingers tangling in the silkiness of her

hair. He leaned his cheek against her head and moaned with


Then the reality of his situation reared its ugly head,

and he grasped her shoulders, setting her from him. “Please,

Marion. This is not a good idea.”

“Don’t b-b-be ridiculous. I l-l-love you.”

Her words were like a knife to his heart. But he steeled

himself, knowing he was doing the right thing.

15 Responses to Coming Attractions

  1. lori meehan says:

    I can’t wait to read this. I liked Michael’s character in A Run for Love.

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  3. Ceri Hebert says:

    Wow! I love all these and I can’t wait for your Christmas story!

  4. Callie says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies. I appreciate that.

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  6. B says:

    When will The Duke’s Quandary be available for pre-order?

  7. Doni says:

    Just read & loved “The Dukes Quandary”. Would like to know if you will continue this series with Drake the Duke of Manchester’s 5 sisters. I would love to read about each of their stories.

    • Callie says:

      Hi Doni,

      Yes. Each sister will have her own story. Look for Abigail’s story (The Lady’s Disgrace) in October. Marion’s (The Baron’s Homecoming) in December. Next year will be Sarah, Sybil and Mary’s stories. Two of the sisters end up in the Highlands. Can you guess which two? Thanks for stopping by.


  8. pat says:

    I just stumbled upon the elusive wife, enjoyed it and ordered the duke’s quandary looking forward to adding you to the list of my favorite authors. (and reading more of your books).

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