Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!!

I’m excited to show off six sentences from my novel, A Prescription for Love, #3 in my Oklahoma Lover series. If I get my butt in gear and get my edits finished, I should have an October 17th release. Heidi, my heroine, is severely asthmatic. In this scene she is having an asthma attack after leaving a job interview.

Halfway through the second block, she reached out for a light post, and clung to it, bent over, gasping for breath. Black dots danced in her eyes.

Oh, no, don’t faint.

“Miss Lester?” A warm, familiar voice came from a distance. Heidi moved her head, and the dark dots merged into one large one, right before she collapsed into the arms of her new employer.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. Be sure to check out the other great authors and their Six Sentences.

If you’d like to hear more about A Prescription for Love, check out the blurb and excerpt here: http://calliehutton.com/?page_id=478

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32 Responses to Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!!

  1. Great show of her passing out! :)

    • Callie says:

      Thanks, Jessica. I appreciate you stopping by.

    • I have asthma – never passed out from it but I’ve had a severe enough attack to put me in hospital. Holding onto a lamppost sounds right, bending over makes it tougher to breath though. I had to lean against a tiny ledge on a storefront. My knees were giving way but I need to stay as straight as possible to breath.

      On the other hand, I’ve passed out after getting hit on the head with a fall. Those black dots melding into one perfectly describe what I saw. It was as if my surroundings were breaking up and tunneling in at the same time. When I came to a moment later, the reverse happened. It was like a very slow slideshow transition.

      This is what happens when you’re a writer. You don’t think “OMG, what’s happening to me.” You think “OMG, must remember this for later.”

      • Callie says:

        Hi Alison. Asthma can be a tough thing to deal with. The hero (the employer) helps her quite a bit. I appreciate you coming by and sharing your story.

  2. Ceri Hebert says:

    Such an awesome story!!

  3. Oh my. Poor woman, how embarrassing!

  4. Larynn Ford says:

    How exciting! It goes on my, “To Read” list!!

    • Callie says:

      Hi Larynn,

      Thanks. I really enjoyed writing Michael’s story. I loved him from the first book, and he and Heidi called to me.

  5. R.T. Wolfe says:

    Delightful, Callie. And your Six Sentence Sunday works…I want to read more!
    -R.T. Wolfe
    Black Creek Burning, September 24

  6. Great 6! You seemed to capture the attack really well! Is the new employer the hero?

    • Callie says:

      I have some experience with asthma. Yes, the new employer is the hero. He’s the oldest nephew from A Run For Love, the first book in this series.

  7. Ella Quinn says:

    Very nice. Great six!

  8. Cheryl Yeko says:

    Well done, Callie. Great Six!


  9. Very nice, and you’ve definitely engaged my own mildly asthmatic sympathies with your heroine!

  10. Love this feature on your blog. Is it hard to find six sentences that produce a whole picture on their own? Or do you sometimes cheat and throw a couple of extra sentences in there?

  11. Calisa Rhose says:

    I felt so bad for Heidi and her asthma issues. But she’s got a great guy to lean on. Nice six!

  12. Michael was one of my favorite characters from A Run For Love…can’t wait to read the entire story with him all grown up and finding love! Wonderful six Callie.

    • Callie says:

      Thanks, Christine. Once I mentioned him and Heidi as a couple in A Wife by Christmas, they were calling me to write their story. I always liked Michael, too. Thanks for coming by.

  13. I have asthma, too. I can relate. Excellent, Callie!

  14. Silver James says:

    Get your edits in gear, woman! Enjoyed this snippet and look forward to this entry to the series.

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